Am Institutions

POLS 1100: U.S. Government & Politics

Am Institutions General Education Requirement.

This class I cannot expand on with an assignment because I actually took this as a concurrent enrollment course in the 11th grade through Utah State College. I had the credit transferred into SLCC so I wouldn’t have to take it again. However, I can reflect on the course itself.

My Reflections:

I actually did not like this course. It was done over EdNet (I believe that’s what it was called) where the instructor was at a separate campus and we viewed him over the internet on a pull-down screen and projector system. The only reason I did not like it was because it was hard to focus. Especially in high school. Any time he’d ask us to voluntarily say something (which we were required to hit that speaker at least once in the course) no one would pipe up which just resulted in awkward silences about every ten minutes. It was extremely hard not to fall asleep in that class because the room was also exceptionally dark since we had to minimalize the light so it wouldn’t glare of the projection screen. Overall, I didn’t think I learned much in the course because although I passed with a B, I don’t remember any political terms. I still don’t vote because I refuse to vote for someone or something I know nothing about, I never take the time to research any bills or any political backgrounds of candidates. I hardly remember the whole left/right thing. It was an ok class, but I found it difficult to immerse myself in. Perhaps I’m just not meant for politics. The one thing I do remember, however, was writing our political five piece paper. The topic I chose, was abortion, if only because it was such a hot topic (not much has changed, since it still is very controversial).