Biological Sciences

Biology 1010 & Biology 1015 (lab)

Biological Sciences General Education Requirement.

For this course, we were never told what our portfolio assignment was going to be. I will include my reflections on the course, however I cannot provide anything for you to see for an assignment.

My Reflections:

My professor was Jonathan Schumacher and I have to say he has been thus far the best professor I’ve ever had. Most people would tell you that Biology and science in general are pretty boring. The units are long with plenty of definitions that you have to remember and will likely never use again. Mr. Schumacher had this way of explaining the material so that it was never dull. He was very good at explaining the finer points of the units that most students tend to stumble over. He also had this sense of humor that made it more bearable to sit through an almost three hour class during the Summer semester when many students don’t want to be at campus. One thing I appreciated greatly about Mr. Schumacher was the fact that if any student ever didn’t understand anything he was more than willing to stay behind after class and he was always available prior to the start of class each day for questions. He was always patient in explaining and tried to find analogies that most students would understand. I would recommend Mr. Schumacher to anyone who wants to actually enjoy a Biology class.

I took Biology 1015 with Jack Later as my professor. The labs that were created weren’t the most interesting labs I’d ever participated in but the material was always taught very well. You can tell that Mr. Later was very interested in Biology if a little scatter-brained. He also didn’t mention anything about the e-portfolio so I don’t have anything to showcase for this course either. I did notice that most labs were ahead of schedule in their lectures. Occasionally, Mr. Schumacher would reference lab material that my lab course with Mr. Later hadn’t gotten to it. Of course this could’ve been because I took the Wednesday class during Summer semester which Mr. Later had mentioned ran on a different schedule because both holidays in July landed on Wednesdays.