Eng 1010: English 1010

Composition General Education Requirement.

The first half of this requirement is English 1010. I took this Fall of 2011, and I will take English 2010 to finish the requirements for General Education in the Spring of 2012. The assignment I’ve included for this course, is my personal reflection essay. I wrote this essay on 9/11 and what I remember of the events. I added a little information about what it’s like now when I visited New York back in September the week before the new memorial and the anniversary of 9/11.

What I think I learned the most out of this course was simply to think outside the obvious lines. When we did our textual and visual analysis essays, they introduced a completely new style of thinking to me and it definitely helped to apply that to other areas of my research and college work. Also, comma splices. My professor hated those so now I know to try to stay away.

Reflection Paper-Revision


The required document for English 2010 was our Final Portfolio. The portfolio includes three revised documents and a final reflection essay. This course really aided me in being able to write in various genres that I never before had experience in. It also helped me in my career if only because I will be writing many proposals in my intended job. By writing and revising one of those types of documents, it’s allowed me to better use my ability as writer. Below you will find all four links to those documents.






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