Computer Lit

CIS-1020: Comp. Sciences & Info. Systems

Computer Literacy General Education Requirement.

This course, I also cannot elaborate on with an assignment. I also took this course as concurrent enrollment in the 10th grade and I believe the ePortfolio was not even in existence or at least not required back then. However, as with Political Science 1100, I can reflect on the course.

My Reflections:

In all honesty, it is difficult to say that this course was helpful in the slightest. With all the technology surrounding young children today, it’s really hard to grow up and not know what email is. Or the internet, or Microsoft Excel, etc. This class was more of a brush up on terms and functions of all the programs. I basically already knew what each program did and how to work it simply because since the age of 12 I’d been attached to a computer. My time spent in this course was honestly just a laid back experience because we really did nothing of true import to me. But a required class is a required class, and it is much cheaper to take it in high school. I’m not sure if this course would be any different now in college.