HUMA 1100: Humanities 1100

Humanities General Education Requirement.

This course is the introduction into Humanities. I chose to take this course because I’ve never really known what humanities was about. I thought that an introductory course was a good place to begin. This course fulfills my General Education requirement in the Humanities field.

What I think I learned the most out of this course, was how to accept other ways of thinking. Many Americans have close-minded views and we all think our own views are the correct views. The only correct views. More often than not, this isn’t the case. This course really opened my eyes to what things are like in other areas of the world. Not only in current events but also in cultures, languages, and customs. It showed me that other peoples’ ways of thinking is also correct, because there truly is no correct way to think. It’s all about perspective and circumstance and we as human beings, need to be able to recognize that and embrace differences. Otherwise we’re always going to be at war with each other. The piece of work I uploaded was our e-portfolio requirement, a journal entry. This is journal entry number five, the topic was Individual/U.S. Responsibility. I apologize if the format is strange, when I pulled it off our web course page, it was in tables and I had to fit it together the best I could.



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