Business 2200

Interdisciplinary General Education Requirement

The requirement for this course’s e-portfolio fulfillment is to upload our project proposal memo. The project proposal memo was an assignment where we had to create an idea for a project that would enable the class to further their business communication skills in the real work force. My project proposal was to create a writing training program for the EAE department at the University of Utah. If we were unable to get a hold of the U of U, it would be geared towards Gamestop instead (specifically my store location in West Jordan). You can find my memo below:


The second half of this requirement was to write a reflection on the assignment. One of the biggest hurdles I felt like I had to overcome in creating this proposal was simply finding a worthwhile project to research and pitch. There are so many different programs already implemented at so many companies, what could I possibly think of that would be new and innovate enough to where it could catch the attention of an industry I was interested in? I decided to go with a writing training program simply because I see so many people who are not skilled in effective business communication, which is what this course is all about.

One of the examples I gave when pitching my project was that I was standing behind a fellow employee at Gamestop one night, he’s above me in management and he was sending an email to loss prevention alerting them to the fact that we were $20 over in our nightly deposit. That boils down to the fact that we didn’t give customers all their change. His email was poorly worded for a professional environment. While I realize that Gamestop isn’t the greatest example in professional business communication, imagine what it could be if it’s employees knew how best to communicate to customers and upper management in a polished manner? I believe it would really help those individuals learn the best way to write business communications not only at Gamestop but their future endeavors. This also helps our group because it allows us to remain on top of our communication skills. By teaching it helps us to drive it into our minds as second nature.


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