Social Sciences

Criminal Justice 1010: Introduction to Criminal Justice

Social Sciences General Education Requirement

Unfortunately, for this course, my instructor never specified what we should do for our ePortfolio (I actually didn’t even realize the ePortfolio was a requirement until my friend alerted me to it this morning). Therefore, I’ve chosen to write a one page paper on our experience touring the Federal Courthouse downtown. See below for the link.

One page describing my experience touring the Federal Courthouse.

My Reflections:

My reflection on this paper, and the class overall (more so the class than the paper), was that it was very helpful. It’s an enjoyable experience to be able to take a course at the college that directly relates to my work in the office. Being able to see both sides of the justice system at work was very intriguing (I must say that it did inspire me to not be on the wrong side of those bars!). Since there was never an assignment specified for the ePortfolio, it’s difficult to reflect on the paper, just for the fact that it was not intentional. However, I did find the course a highly satisfying experience.