Student Choice

FHS 2400 – Marriage & Family Relations

Student Choice General Education Requirement.

For my student choice (IN) course, I chose to take Marriage and Family Relations, or FHS 2400. These following assignments that I posted correspond to my learnings in other General Education courses because marriage is at the core of everything in our society. It affects economics because many of the people in the US that count for numbers in economics are often dual-earner families or single earner families. That affects what statistics economics may find. It also affected my English course because many if not all of the assignments in this course were typed up as single page papers. I was able to use the knowledge I received from my English course to write those papers.

These impacts had a significant impact on the way I viewed the world. I had to ask a few close people to me personal questions and it made me realize what it is they have to go through every day. It challenged many of my assumptions reading what my peers discussed and thought about the same subjects. It was interesting to know why they thought those ways. Many of the challenges in writing the assignments was receiving good answers from the people I conversed with. Much of the time when you ask personal questions the immediate response isn’t very open, you have to persuade the individual to go into more detail. These assignments also illustrated my growth in this class by opening my mind to the different options and situations people have and go through.

Reasons for Divorce – from Chapter 13

Ethnic Families – from Chapter 3


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