Learning Outside the Classroom

Currently, I’m not active outside of the classroom at SLCC. I’ve yet to find any clubs or associations that I feel like being a part of. I know up at the University of Utah, I am planning on joining the Ballroom Dancing Club there, but I’m unaware as to whether or not SLCC even has a club that’s the same. I do wish to play the violin again and would have no problem joining an orchestra, however,  I haven’t played since middle school and would have to relearn all over again. I’m also not even sure if SLCC has an orchestra.

My work, however, has helped or been directly related to a course I’ve taken at SLCC. I currently am employed with the Utah Attorney General’s Office as the Victim Advocate for Victim Restitution. My boss, Marsha Randle, is the Victim Restitution Coordinator. Basically, we deal with the victims of white collar crimes such as financial fraud, medicaid fraud, title fraud, things like that. We receive the money from the defendants who are ordered to pay restitution, and turn around and disburse that to the victims on a regular and fair basis.

My school work won’t directly correlate to my intended career until I transfer back to the University of Utah. There I will be majoring in Film and Media Arts with an emphasis in EAE, which stands for Entertainment Arts and Engineering. Most of the courses in this major work closely with the Computer Science – EAE students to learn how to develop, design and work with video games. I am extremely excited to begin my major coursework there. After I finish my Bachelors degree I hope to get accepted into the Masters program, which is the Master Gaming Studio. There, the group of graduate students work for two years to develop and finish a game from the ground up. It’s an extremely beneficial accomplishment to have under my belt for when I apply for a job. How many college students can say they’ve produced a successful video game?

There are a few clubs I’ve looked into joining when I get to the U, the question is more of whether I’ll have time to participate. I am hoping in the future that I’ll be able to join in some extra curricular activities so I’m not just floating in between classes, so to speak. If I do join in anything, I will be sure to update this page.