My Goals

As a basic overview of my personal goals for attending SLCC, my main goal would be to finish my Associates Degree/General Education requirements. I do wish to pass all of these with a standing GPA of at least 3.0. The skills and knowledge I wish to acquire has a broad spectrum. Not only do I wish to gain the general education requirements (which I’ve come to realize are required for a reason) but a bit of knowledge beyond that. I really want to find what sparks my interest that I could use to further a career. As a person, I’m hoping to grow in responsibility. My first semester in college was very difficult because I still had the mindset that I just wanted to have fun, I was slaving away in school because I hated it, etc etc. Yet, with the past semester and after taking two semesters off, I’ve come to find that I enjoy being in school, I enjoy furthering my education to better my future (cliche, I know). The career path I intend on following, as mentioned in the welcome page, is a a video game producer for EA, or any other game development company that developes AAA titles (or in layman terms, really good games).

Short-Term Goals:

A few short-term goals that come to mind while writing this, would be to obviously pass the classes per semester. After failing an entire semester, I discovered that I despised that feeling. Honestly, who wouldn’t? So the short-term goals for every semester would just be to pass with a grade that I would be satisfied with. I wouldn’t want to let my family, let alone myself, down again.

Long-Term Goals:

To finish my Associates and move on to my Bachelors. I was originally planning on finish my college education with a Masters degree either way, so I’ve got quite a bit to go. That’s why my short-term goal is so important, since it also ties into my long-term goal of ultimately graduation from college and landing a job that I can be happy with and that has stability for the rest of my career until retirement. I also am looking for a job that I don’t hate every morning I wake up. I want to be excited to go into work and create new things and keep it fresh.

SLCC’s Learning Outcomes:

SLCC’s Learning Outcomes <– Here is the link to SLCC’s Learning Outcomes. I do agree that these outcomes will enable me to achieve a higher success in my education. Such as point number five. Not only do I think it’s important to be able to work with others in a professional and concise manner, but the classes you take at school and the skills and knowledge you gain from those classes can help you in the professional world in your job. That is why we attend college, to gain skills for our careers. At least, I hope that’s why we’re all attending. Otherwise, what are we doing here?!