Hi there! & welcome to my ePortfolio for Salt Lake Community College. Basically, this blog is a composition of important assignments, essays, and various other academic things regarding my General Education courses. That’s about all there is to say on that subject so moving on!


My name is Lily, I’m currently an undergraduate student in college, I plan on graduating at the end of Spring 2013 semester. From there I plan on transferring up to the University of Utah to major in Film and Media Arts with an emphasis in Electronic Arts and Entertainment. I hope to one day work for EA. A little bit about my personal background; my family is Southeast Asian, we’re mainly from Thailand and Laos though we’ve got a bit of Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese thrown into the mix. I’m basically a melting pot for Asia.

I attended Copper Hills High School out in West Jordan and graduated in 2009. I originally attended the University of Utah but chose to transfer down to SLCC because it was cheaper to finish my generals here, and then continue on for my major intensive courses at the U. I’ve lived in the Salt Lake valley since I was about four. My family previously lived in Idaho, and I was born in the San Fernando valley in California in 1990.

A bit about my interests..what can I say? I’m an avid gamer (oh no, girl gamer, watch out!), I love to read, I’m pretty good at writing in my personal opinion. I enjoy music in all forms, meaning I enjoy classical to hardcore. Though I do have to admit I lean more towards classical. I used to play the violin in middle school and quit after two years of orchestra because I deemed it a “nerdy talent”, however, I now find that I regret that because I don’t have hobbies other than gaming. Let’s see…I enjoy watching movies though I’m not sure you can count that as an interest. I’ve always been fascinated with Japanese culture and hope to visit one day as well as go back to Thailand.

That’s about the extent of my “interesting facts” so I hope that’s more than enough!