In addition to some facts about me you can find on the “Welcome” page, here’s some more random trivia 🙂 Not that anyone will ever question you!

  • I’m a Horse in the Chinese Zodiac.
  • I have seriously intense arachnaphobia.
  • I also have a slight phobia of skin defects; such as hives, strange bumps, etc. They give me the chills.
  • I hate sneezing loudly.
  • I am not a morning person. Anything before 11am is considered too early in my mind.
  • I have hot & cold flashes like no other.
  • I am always clammy & usually my hands are sweaty. Strange, I know.
  • I love the smell of basements and new cars.
  • I hate the smell of Durian and Shiitake Mushrooms.
  • I look horrible with short hair.
  • I’ve never liked being Asian.
  • I have yet to get my tonsils removed.
  • I am addicted to coffee & caffeine in general.
  • I always quit hobbies. Quit dance, quit violin, quit Cosmetology. You get the drift.
  • I am very much a grammar and spelling freak. If you misspell something, even if I don’t say anything to you, I more than likely noticed.
  • Excuses and I go hand in hand.
  • I think I’m a pretty good driver..
  • –^ I’ve never gotten a ticket. Though I have gotten in a couple minor accidents.
  • I hate snow with a passion.
  • I like when drinks have little umbrellas.
  • I buy things brand new just to be able to tear the plastic off myself.
  • I have a strange affinity for boots.
  • My favorite article of clothing is my Marvel Zombies sweatshirt.
  • I cannot save money at all. Even if it was required to save my life. It just doesn’t happen.

& that’s all my mind can conjure up for now. I am quite a well-rounded individual 🙂 Please note the dry humor.


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