Back in the Swing of Things.

So back in the day, when I was about 12, I coded and designed websites like crazy. I had fan websites dedicated to characters from video games, I had portfolios, I was into it like there was nothing else better to do. Which I guess back then there wasn’t.

I’ve decided to start designing and coding again. This way when I apply for my Master’s program down the road, I’ll have something to showcase my talents for coding and organizing a website. But then I realized, I do not remember anything. Nothing about designing and nothing beyond simple html for coding. I opened Photoshop again the other day to edit a logo and was baffled.

Does anyone know of any awesome tutorials I can use to brush up on my skillz?! -__-


Fresh Start

I’ve deleted all previous posts and I’m starting this blog over from the ground up. Expect layout changes soon. I’ve edited all the pages to be current as well.


Thanks 🙂